Delkor’s VC Series Packer is built for packing groups of pouches into cartons and cases at speeds up to 250 products per minute. Pack pouches on-edge or lay-flat pack-out with a simple tool-less changeover.

Continuous Motion Top-Loading

Delkor’s linear-servo technology allows for efficient, continuous-motion top-loading of spouted pouches into cartons and cases.

Spouted pouch cartoner with linear servo technology
Spouted pouch cartoner can pack pouches into different orientations

Pack On-Edge or Lay-Flat

The VC Series Packer has maximum versatility with its ability to be configured to pack spouted pouches on-edge or lay-flat pack-out with just a simple tool-less changeover.

Pack in Any Infeed Orientation

As a Level 4 FANUC Integrator, we’ve designed the VC Series Packer to be able to pack spouted pouches laying in different orientations on the infeed belt at efficient, high-speeds using FANUC iRVision technology.

Spouted pouch cartoner with FANUC IRvision technology
Spouted pouch cartoner packing at high speeds up to 180 per minute

High Speed Carton & Case Packing

VC Series Packer perfectly integrates downstream of most traditional fillers with packing speeds that can reach up to 250 products per minute for cartons or cases.

Compatible with Multiple Package Formats

Pack spouted pouches in multiple package formats with a simple changeover including cartons, retail ready cases such as the Delkor Cabrio Case® and standard shipping cases.

Spouted pouch cartoner compatible with carton and cases

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