PACKAGe Design expertise


Cabrio Case®

The patented Cabrio Case has taken the industry by storm as a tray-hood retail ready packaging solution created from a single piece of corrugated board.


turbo case®

Delkor’s patented Turbo Case® is a leader among shelf ready packaging solutions, as it allows you to distribute multiple display trays in a single shipper.



Retail Ready Guide

Whether your packaging comes in a flexible or rigid container, Delkor’s packaging designs offer the perfect solution for your product. Get actionable insights on how to successfully implement retail ready and standard package designs in your organization through our free online guidebook The Retail Ready Guide.

Other Popular Package Designs


Stackable Trays

Stackable club store packaging trays offer sturdy column stacking and multiple design variations to help prevent product damage and allow easy access to products in the tray.


retail ready Trays

The retail ready display tray for rigid containers works double-time as a shipper and shelf ready packaging. 




Delkor can help you build your ideal carton packaging system for retail whether you are looking for special functionality, or just a unique on-shelf appearance.