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Case Packers

Quick changeover, compact footprint, and smart machine technologies set these world class case and carton packers apart from the rest.

We’re more than a Manufacturer. We’re a Partner.

Whether you're rolling out a new facility or upgrading an existing one, selecting the best case packing machines is of paramount importance. Delkor prides itself on listening to our customers and helping them assemble the perfect equipment based on their needs. Tell us about your packing equipment needs, and let our experts help.

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LSP Series Case Packer

LSP Series Robotic Case Packer

Any Case and Tray Style, Quick Changeover
MSP Series Case Packer

MSP Series Case Packer

High Speed, Quick Changeover
Performance Series Case Packer

Performance Series Case Packer

Contoured Infeed System For Wide Range Of Products
V Series Packer Packaging Equipment Delkor 2

V Series Packer

Vision Based Robotic Pick and Place Case Packer
Flat Pad Tray-Shrink

Flat Pad Tray-Shrink

Wraps Product For Strength In Distribution
LSP Series Case Packer for Coffee

LSP Series Case Packer for Coffee

Bulk Load to Maximize Case Space

Delkor can work with you to design the case, and they have the capability to provide you samples of the case with graphics on. It’s like having a material company and a packaging systems company in one building.

Wilberto Torrez-Ortiz, Clorox

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High Speed Case Carton And Tray Forming Equipment.

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Precise Closing Machines for Cartons And Cases.

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Robotic Palletizers Available In A Variety Of In/Out Options.

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