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EVO Series

Case Packer

Better, Smaller, Faster, Stronger


Multiple Formats, Industry Leading Speeds

If speed is your need, look no further than Delkor's HSP Series Case Packer, the fastest vision based case packer that can run case, tray, and retail ready formats.



Don't limit your case sizes

Many popular case infeed systems use flights and chains with lugs that limit the size of cases that can be run. With that in mind, the HSP Series Case Packer was designed with a lug-less case transport conveyor able to run a wide range of case dimensions.


The Best of both robots

By leveraging both the high speed of delta robots and the long travel reach of gantry robots, we are able to pack deep and wide cases at industry leading speeds.


Run Delkor's Patented Case Designs For Free

With the purchase of Delkor's Case Packing equipment, you are able to run all of Delkor's patented case and tray formats with no added cost.

Key Features

Learn about what makes Delkor's HSP Series Case Packer the industry leading solution for lightning fast pouch packing.


High Speed Pouch Packing

Speeds of up to 350 per minute with vision based adjustment for skewed products.

Simple Tool-Less Changeover

Performs a full line changeover in 8 minutes or less.

Cabrio Case Compatible

Delkor's Cabrio Case® is free to use with purchase of Delkor's case packing equipment.


Max Rate
50 Packages per minute
Discharge Orientation
Inline, Counterflow
Machine Hand
Right Hand, Left Hand
Frame Materials
Painted Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Robot Models
Fanuc M2iA
Allen-Bradley VPL or VPF (food grade)
System PLC
Allen-Bradley Compact Logix
System HMI
Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 7 10"
Safety System
Category III
Enclosure - Main Panel
Painted (NEMA 4), Stainless Steel (NEMA 4X)
Enclosure - Panel Cooling
Vortex, Heat Exchanger, or Air-Conditioner
Enclosure - FANUC Cabinet
NEMA 1, optional Stainless Enclosure (NEMA 4X)
Enclosure - Camera
optional Stainless Steel (NEMA 4) with Air Blast
39 ft 5in
10 ft 10in
10ft, 10in (2,200 mm)
Utilities - Power
2 by 480 VAC, 50-60Hz, 100 Amps
Utilities - Air
40 SCFM @ 80 PSIG
Status Glow
Bright Internal LED Status Lights
Additional Feature
Tool-Less Changeover
Additional Feature
Reject Bin Option

See it in action

The HSP Series Case Packer packs pouches and bags up to 2 lbs. It can operate at speeds of up 340 products per minute. With the ever-changing retail environment, this loader offers flexibility for the future with the capability of placing a variety of different sizes pouches and bags into multiple case types and configurations.

Delkor can work with you to design the case, and they have the capability to provide you samples of the case with graphics on. It’s like having a material company and a packaging systems company in one building.

Wilberto Torrez-Ortiz, Packbrain

Free package samples in 48 hours!

Our in-house CAD table and full-time packaging engineer enable us turn around printed case samples within 48 hours! These samples can be branded and tailored to meet the requirements of your marketing department and packaging engineers. 

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