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Flat Pad

Tray Shrink

Spot-Pak wraps product for strength in distribution and saves on materials




The Flat Pad Tray Shrink Wrapper replaces traditional corrugated packaging and overall uses less raw material. Low cost, recyclable shrink film securely encapsulates the flat pad and package.


Multiple Package Formats

The Tray Shrink Wrapper can be easily configured to produce Delkor’s patented Turbo Case®, Spot-Pak (pad and shrink wrap packaging), as well as cases or other shelf ready package designs. These options protect your investment and provide you with the flexibility needed to meet your customer’s future requirements. The Turbo Case can be seen in Kroger’s dairy aisles as the retailer’s preferred shelf ready design for single-serve yogurt and sour cream.

Key Features

The Tray Shrink Wrapper attaches product to corrugated pads with a temporary bond adhesive, this unit is shrink wrapped to create a wide variety of package options.


Reduce Packaging Materials

This process is BOTH sustainable and cost effective, thanks to a massive reduction in materials.

Stunning Durability

These machines are built to last and have been time tested in the field.

Changeovers Simplified

A combination of simple crank adjustments and precision change parts.


Handles a variety of container styles including cups, tubs, bottles, cartons and sleeved products.

See it in action

Delkor’s Tray Shrink Wrapper is a perfect end-of-line shipper that replaces corrugated boxes with incredible cost savings, significant warehousing and shipping efficiencies and greater line productivity.  The patented Spot-Pak® package design delivers maximum performance at minimal cost.

Similar Case Packing Equipment

Every project calls for something different - Delkor has the widest range of case packing equipment that can match any packaging need.


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