The economical Delkor F Series Case Closer can operate at speeds as high as 60 cases per minute with the ability to pass empty cases through. Options include automated lift and tool-less changeover in less than one minute.

Self Tensioning Belt

Self tensioning belts allow for long life and simple belt replacement when worn and are combined with oversized bearings and shafts, and lug-less belts to alleviate maintenance problems common to other closers.

Case Sealer Capstone F's self tensioning belt
Case sealer Capstone F is designed with a compact footprint

Compact Footprint

The F Series Closer fits into tight spaces with compact inline footprint. Integrated case feeding and pacing belts allow for minimal conveyance complexity.

Washdown Design

This closer has a stainless steel construction, and epoxy painted motors and gearboxes are designed to handle food and beverage processing.

Case sealer Capstone F with stainless steel construction for washdown readiness
Case sealer capstone f can be adjusted to suit different package sizes without any change parts


The F Series Closer is 100% adjustable with scales and indicators on all adjustment points. Fast and accurate product changeovers are accomplished in approximately one minute.

Take Control

All our machines share a common platform using Allen-Bradley controls allowing for complete line integration resulting in shorter, more efficient operator training.

Case Sealer capstone F with Allen Bradley controls

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