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Trayfecta G Series


Any Case And Tray Style, Quick Changeover

Trayfecta G Series Former 1
Cabrio Case Retail Ready Packaging 101


Retail Ready Packaging has never been so easy. Delkor Cabrio Case® offers perfect shelf appearance for pouches and bags with a machine-cut tray front for maximum shelf impact.

200150 Delkor Club Store Tray Non Branded Chicken Pouches


With a simple changeover, the Trayfecta G Series Former can also form our robust, stackable club trays for your wholesale products.

212116- Trayfecta G Series Former


With up to five servo axes, precision, repeatability, and finished package quality are guaranteed. Recipe-driven servo motion minimizes the number of manual adjustments during changeover.

Key Features

The Trayfecta® G Series Former is our most versatile former. With a 5-axis servo control, it is capable of producing retail ready packages, stackable club trays and standard shipping cases with just a simple changeover.


Layout Flexibility

Available with left, right, or center discharge.

Compact Footprint

The former's compact footprint requires less space on your production floor.

Adjustable Tooling

Our patented adjustable tooling cavity allows for a smooth and speedy changeover between package types.

Cabrio Case Compatible

Delkor's Cabrio Case® is free to use with purchase of Delkor's case packing equipment.


Discharge Orientation
Inline Discharge, Right Discharge, Left Discharge
Machine Hand
Right Hand, Left Hand
Frame Materials
Painted Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Robot Models
Delkor H-bot
Allen-Bradley VPL or VPF (food grade)
System PLC
Allen-Bradley Compact Logix
System HMI
Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 7 10"
Safety System
Category III
Enclosure - Main Panel
Enclosure - Panel Cooling
Vortex, Heat Exchanger, or Air-Conditioner
Adhesive System
Nordson, Graco, Robatech
191 to 202 inches
54 to 95 inches
128 inches
Utilities - Power
480 VAC, 50-60Hz, 60 Amps
Utilities - Air
25 SCFM @ 80 PSIG
Status Glow
Bright Internal LED Status Lights

See it in action

The Trayfecta G Series Former is perfect for integration with downstream robotics or hand-load systems. The recipe-driven discharge orientation allows the cases to be conveyed to downstream equipment in the optimal position for any application.

Delkor can work with you to design the case, and they have the capability to provide you samples of the case with graphics on. It’s like having a material company and a packaging systems company in one building.

Wilberto Torrez-Ortiz, Packbrain

Free package samples in 48 hours!

Our in-house CAD table and full-time packaging engineer enable us turn around printed case samples within 48 hours! These samples can be branded and tailored to meet the requirements of your marketing department and packaging engineers. 

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