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Sealing Machines

Sealing MachineS

The Delkor Capstone Series carton and case sealer machines provide closing solutions for tri-seal and flange seal cases, cartons, stackable club store trays and retail-ready packages. We use self-tensioning belts for greater precision and a longer machine life. Efficient and easy to operate; the overhead structure automatically lifts for clearing occasional debris. Its compact body style fits well in tight spaces. An optional washdown feature designed to handle food and beverage processing is available.

Sealing machine case sealer for standard cases and retail ready packages Delkor Cabrio Case

Capstone F Series

Seal Standard Cases and Retail Ready Packages

Sealing machine carton sealer for perfectly square cartons

Capstone S Series

High-Speed and Reliable Carton Sealer

Sealing machine L series lidding machine

Capstone L Series

Lidding Machine to Apply Paperboard Lids to Base Trays

Sealing machine Capstone M series mechanical carton sealer

Capstone M Series

Mechanically Driven Carton Closer

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