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With packaging machinery lead times becoming such a key factor for so many customers, our Rapid Delivery Program was established to reduce the lead time for Delkor’s most popular packaging machines.

The Rapid Delivery Program consists of a variety of machine types and each model is manufactured in 5 to 10-up quantities ahead of customer orders. As a result, when a customer places an order for one of these machines, only the customer specific parts are required, enabling our lead times to be just 6 – 10 weeks from purchase order to field installation.

Benefits include:

  • Innovative engineering of common machines built on a standard platform, including Allen Bradley Automation Controls
  • Manufacturing machines in 5s format so each machine is built the same, ensuring the highest quality possible
  • Building machines in quantity to capture economies of scale savings which we can pass onto our customers
  • A variety of case styles and loading applications are available, including the ability to run shelf ready packages such as the Delkor Cabrio Case®
  • Rapid Delivery machines only need appropriate tooling fitted for any industry including eCommerce, candy, dairy, meat, household products & more

Rapid Delivery Portfolio


Core Products Trayfecta G Series
Trayfecta G Series

Gantry Former for Paperboard & Corrugated Cases, Stackable Trays & Retail Ready Packages

Core Products Trayfecta S Series
Trayfecta S Series

High-Speed Cartoning Machine for Paperboard and Corrugated Cases, Cartons & Trays


Core Products Capstone F
F Series Closer

Close Cases & Retail Ready Packages

Core Products Capstone S
S Series Closer

High-Speed & Reliable Carton Closer for Tri-Seal Cartons Paperboard or Corrugated

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