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Cartoning Machine

A Cartoning Machine that is Fast and Flexible

The RS Cartoning Machine combines the S Series’ capabilities—trays, cartons and cases—with an R Series’ module to produce display trays with cup-holding cutouts. It’s a versatile and speedy solution for all of your case forming and cartoning machine needs!

cartoning machine RS series rendered view

A Perfect Combination of Speed and Package Flexibility

Today you need trays, cartons and cases. Tomorrow you need trays with cup-holding cutouts. The RS Series Cartoning Machine perfectly combines both operations into one high-speed build for custom retail ready packaging.

Ultimate Package Flexibility

Need to alternate between standard shipping cases, 4-sided trays, and trays with cup-holding cutouts? This is the cartoning machine for you. Transitions from one style to the other within minutes and seamlessly integrates with any Delkor loader.

Cartoning machine with package flexibility to alternate between various package formats
Cartoning machine with high speed forming capabilities


Our premium retail ready tray former and cartoner has optimized servo motion and a semi-modular design to achieve 60 units per minute – precisely double the rate of our standard R series.

a Perfect Pairing

The Trayfecta RS Series cartoning machine combines seamlessly with Delkor loaders for a reliable high-speed packaging line. Unmatched flexibility means you can offer your customers a wide range of packaging formats.

This Cartoning Machine perfectly integrates with Delkor's case packers
Cartoning machine can form cup holding cut out trays.


Shrink wrap it or leave it as-is, these trays with precision cutouts allow you to meet even the most stringent shelf-ready requirements.

Rock Solid Construction

The Trayfecta RS Series Cartoning Machine uses the same proven head slides and fully-welded stainless steel frames as our time-tested S Series and M Series formers. Paperboard-friendly precision with corrugated board robustness.

Fully-welded stainless steel frames with washdown capabilities.

Compatible Systems

Cartoning machine FlexLoader case and tray packer

Flex Loader

Top load flexible case packer for any shape or size rigid container.

Cartoning machine D series compact case packer

D Series

Compact case packer that directly integrates with filler systems

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