Carton Formers & Case Erectors

Adaptable Machinery

Don’t lock in to a single package concept! Our carton formers and case erectors are made to easily add package types as they are needed or invented. The Delkor Trayfecta® Series carton formers and case formers can form DISPLAY TRAYS, RETAIL READY CASES, STACKABLE CLUB STORE TRAYSCARTONS, as well as the the newest RETAIL READY PACKAGING designs like Delkor’s Cabrio Case® and Turbo Case®. 

Quick Changeover

Worried about downtime? Don’t be. These case erectors are designed to swap tooling out for new packages in roughly three minutes! Swap parts, and immediately return to rull case erector production. 

Meets Speed Requirements

These automated lines are designed to run day and night at high speeds! Multi-head carton formers run corrugated board or paper board materials at speeds up to 200 per minute. If you aren’t seeking the fastest output numbers, we can easily slow our carton formers and case erectors down while maintaining the precise alignment these formers are known for.

What’s Popular?

Our tried and true case, tray, and carton former is the Trayfecta S Series. This machine is built to last, and can handle a wide range of requirements. Additionally, our Trayfecta G Series, has quickly become a favorite among our case erector customers for it’s ergonomic and user-centric design. All of Delkor’s carton formers and case erectors are compact and made to fit into tight production environments with ease, which has made them a continual favorite among many customers.

Carton former and case erector cartoning machine Trayfecta S Series

Trayfecta S Series

The Trayfecta S Series cartoning equipment offers industry-leading versatility with the ability to form cartons, trays and cases including the latest retail-ready package designs.

Carton formers case erectors versatile case erector Trayfecta G Series

Trayfecta G Series

Gantry Erector for Cases, Stackable Trays, Retail Ready Packages

Carton formers case erectors RS Series servo cartoning machine

Trayfecta RS Series

Servo Cartoning and Tray Cut Out Machine