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Tray Packer

Feature-Rich, Tray Packer & Case Packer

Delkor’s new Performance Loaderâ„¢ is a case and tray packer designed and engineered with key performance features in mind including pick-and-place gantry and an innovative infeed system to reach loading speeds up to 250 containers per minute. Optimized for packing tapered cups, bottles and a range of other rigid container shapes and styles into a variety of retail ready packages, cases, trays, and other secondary packaging styles.

Perfect Pattern Technology

Say goodbye to collation chains, buckets and fixed guides. Delkor’s Perfect Pattern Technology enables the Performance Loader to pick and load perfectly flat pack patterns at high speeds with minimal change parts investment.

High-Speed Pick & Place

The Performance Loader’s pick-and-place gantry and innovative infeed system allow the case and tray packer to reach speeds up to 250 containers per minute.

Tray packer performance loader specially designed pick-up heads for high speed packing of rigid containers
Tray packer performance loader is designed with a compact footprint for easier placement into existing operations

Ultra Compact Layout

This tray packer’s modular design and offset infeed conveyor allow for ultra-compact layouts with an optional integrated case erector and/or case sealer to further minimize the footprint of the entire system.

Handles a Wide variety of Container Formats

The system is equipped with innovative 3D printed pickup heads that include quick release couplings for fast tooling changeover and flexibility to handle a wide variety of container formats.

Tray packer Performance Loader with innovative 3D pickup heads

Compatible Systems

Tray packer Trayfecta S Series

Trayfecta S Series

Efficient Tray Forming

Tray packer Trayfecta G Series Case Erector

Trayfecta G Series

High-Speed Case and Tray Erector

Tray packer case sealer Capstone F Series

capstone F Series

Lightning Fast Case Sealer

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