Delkor’s LSP Series robotic top loader packs pouches or bags (up to 20 lbs) at speeds up to 120 per minute with dual pick heads. Compatibility meets efficiency, as the two Fanuc M10 robots work together to pick pouches in any orientation on the infeed conveyor and to precisely load deep cases including retail ready packaging, PDQ, and shippers.

Robotic Top Loader for Retail Ready Package Designs such as Delkor's Cabrio Case


This line allows for pouches and bags to be filled into Delkor’s patented Cabrio Cases®, one of the hottest retail ready cases (PDQ) on the market.

Lightning Fast Changeover

We understand that your production environment doesn’t have time to wait for complex changeovers, so we’ve designed every one of our machines with a simple tool-less changeover in mind.  A combination of simple crank adjustments and precision change parts ensure that the system will be back to full speed within minutes.

Robotic Top Loader with tool-less changeover pick-up heads
Robotic top loader with stainless steel construction for washdown

Keep it Clean

With both stainless steel and powder coated painted frames available, washdown is not a problem. The sanitary construction features 304-series stainless steel and full-height, walk in doors for easy access.

Alignment Guaranteed

Compatibility meets efficiency, as the LSP Series Robotic Top Loader integrates two FANUC M10 robots into a multi-lane capable system, which has the ability to detect and adjust the orientation of skewed bags before they are packaged. As a Level 4 FANUC integrator, we use FANUC robotic technology to build high-speed, advanced robotic packaging systems that achieve high pick and place loading speeds with maximum reliability and operation uptime.

Robotic Top Loader with FANUC M10 robots

Maximum Flexibility

The LSP Series Robotic Top Loader can pack pouches and large bags into deep cases at speeds up to 120 pouches per minute. This newly developed loader can place a variety of pouches into multiple types of cases seamlessly.

Compatible Systems

Robotic top loader Trayfecta S series cartoning system

Trayfecta S Series

High speed, high volume carton erector.

Robotic top loader capstone f series case sealer

Capstone F sEries

Lighting fast carton and case sealer.

Robotic top loader Trayfecta G series tray and case former.

Trayfecta G Series

Versatile tray and case erector for retail ready packages, stackable club trays and more.