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Pack Expo 2023 3

PetFood Forum 2024

Kansas City Convention Center
301 W 13th St #100, Kansas City, MO 64105
April 29, 2024 - May 01, 2024
Booth #1907

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Booth #1907

As North American leaders in packaging innovation, Delkor is one of the most creative companies in the pet food industry. Learn how we can invent fresh package concepts for your products at the Petfood Forum. Stop into Booth #1907 or book a dedicated meeting time below.

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Delkor's Rapid Delivery Program

Your furry friends can't wait on long lead times. That's why we've optimized the engineering and assembly processes of a number of products to allow for 12-16 week lead times.
Below are just a few of the most popular machines available within that timeframe. 
Trayfecta S Former 1

Trayfecta S Series Former

Pack faster with the high speed Trayfecta S Series Former. It has the ability to form up to 150 cartons, cases, and trays per minute! It features tool-less changeovers that can be completed in as little as three minutes, allowing for incredible forming flexibility.

LSP Case Packer

LSP Case Packer

We've built our equipment to handle pet products of all shapes and sizes. You can run multiple package formats on the same line in minutes with our quick changeover designs. 

• 3-minute tool-less changeover
• Packs up to 50 packages per minute
• One case packer, multiple shipper styles

F Series Closer Packaging Equipment 14

F Series Closer

The F Series Closer can efficiently seal up to 60 cases per minute. It's ability to seal various package styles such as cases, trays, Cabrio Cases®, retail-ready packages, HSC, and RSC, makes it one of the most versatile options out there. Switching between different setups is quick and easy, taking as little as one minute, thanks to tool-less changeover.

Faster packing, happier pets

We know packaging and we know pets. Take a look at this short industry overview to get an idea of what Delkor has to offer. Then, connect with us to uncover your custom solution.

Achieve up to 40% Material Savings

Single Piece Blank = Significant Material Savings

Many Delkor customers pay for their equipment using the savings achieved from reduced material usage. Our complimentary design and engineering services for cases that seamlessly integrate with our machines ensure the right packaging solution every time. Let our experience Sales Managers walk you through the details when you visit our booth.



Adopted by Walmart and other major retailers in 2016, Delkor's Cabrio Case has achieved immense popularity across many retail categories. It's low-cost design, streamlined production, and easy to open feature that guarantees zero instances of torn corrugated facing on the shelf are just a few of the reasons for its exponential growth.

Delkor 3 in 1 Any Case Design

Patented Case Forming Technology

Delkor formers swiftly transition between setups without tools, thanks to its convenient, drop-in template. This patented case-forming technology is unlike anything else on the market. As a result, Delkor machines provide enhanced speed, consistent performance, and seamless transitions for optimal efficiency you won't find anywhere else.


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