Stack and Pack Fragile Lid Products with Confidence

The Delkor LILP™ Series loads many styles of containers including foil-lidded cups and tubs into a wide range of shipping cases, crates and trays. Layer-pad capability make this the perfect case packer for products with delicate lidding materials.

Stack it ANYWAY

Layer pad or no layer pad, the LILP Series loaders offer simple package configurations either way.

Fragile lid case packer offers customization for any packing configurment
Fragile lid case packer can easily be configured to load cups and tubs with top pads if needed

Galore of Choices

Its high-speed case handling runs up to 90 layers per minute with or without layered pads. Multiple gantry options more than double the speed, matching up with the latest high-speed filler designs.

Smooth and Effective

With smooth kinematic motion, simple tool-less changeover, and sanitary design, this case packing system would perfectly complement any operation.

Compatible Systems

Robotic top loader Trayfecta S series cartoning system

Trayfecta S Series

High speed carton, case and tray erector.

Fragile lid case packer capstone s series

Capstone S Series

Seal carton flaps with extreme precision.

Fragile lid case packer Capstone F Series case sealer

Capstone F Series

Seal Cases and Retail Ready Packages