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Delkor's Full System Integration Changes the Game for Frontier Co-Op

Jars of spices are carried down the production line on one of Delkor's machines

Uncover how Delkor Systems helped Frontier Co-Op successfully implement its first end-of-line automation project in this short interview with Plant Manager, Matt Ballweg.

There are a lot of unknowns when approaching a new type of project for the first time. That's why when Frontier Co-Op was looking to automate its spice packaging line, they knew working with Delkor was the answer.

This is our first end of line automation that we've done here at Frontier Co-Op and it's gone extremely smooth. The results we've seen from this machine have been very impressive.

As product demands grew, hand-packing thousands of spice jars a day became a serious bottleneck for Frontier Co-Op's production line. By choosing to automate, Frontier Co-Op was able to significantly improve its cost per unit standpoint and provide much needed ergonomics relief to its labor force. 

Frontier Co-Op's full system integration included Delkor's Trayfecta® S Series Former, Performance Series Case Packer and F Series Closer. In addition to cost and labor efficiency improvements, Ballweg notes that the biggest advantage is the ease of use for both operations and maintenance. Not only have Delkor machines increased the amount of products out the door each day, they make it as easy as possible to keep operations running smoothly.

See Matt's entire interview as well as Delkor's equipment in action in the video below, then contact us to see how Delkor can do the same for you.


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