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Delkor Equipment Brings Efficiency and Ease of Use to Nature's Bakery

Nature's Bakery cartons sit on a Delkor carton and case closer

Hear from Matt Brody, Site Manager for popular baked goods manufacturer, Nature's Bakery, as he talks about the company's experience working with Delkor. Nature's Bakery utilizes a number of Delkor case and carton formers, closers and palletizers for their Missouri and Nevada facilities.

When Nature's Bakery was looking for carton forming and closing equipment for their Missouri production facility, they knew they needed something that was highly efficient and easy to use. Delkor's Trayfecta® S Series Former and S Series Closer proved to be the perfect solutions.

Of the many features these pieces of equipment offer, the speed and ease of changeovers topped the list. With changeover options integrated into each machine's HMI, it was easier than ever for operators to change from one shipper style to another.

Another fan-favorite feature was the ability to run empty cartons to allow for setup during down hours, getting their production lines up and moving more quickly than before.

Matt states, "we had a great experience with Delkor in terms of purchasing and getting equipment on site as soon as possible. When we arrived for the acceptance testing, the equipment was ready to roll, hit our efficiency metrics, was shipped, delivered, and was ready to run even before the line was fully commissioned."

See Matt's entire interview as well as Delkor's equipment in action in the video below, then contact us to see how Delkor can do the same for you.


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