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Cheese Packaging

Browse popular machinery solutions, package styles, and case studies all focused on what you'll see in the cheese aisle at your local grocery store.


Our approach

Delkor is well acquainted with the cheese industry. In fact, every day more than 1,000 packaging lines operate daily in the cheese sector across North America. Here are three unique Delkor offerings that in our experience, cheese manufacturers have appreciated:


Retail Ready Expertise. Work with Package Engineers in our package lab to design your package. Have artwork printed and packages strength tested before they hit the market, all for free!


High speed top load case packers with smart machine technologies. Ideal for major cheese operations.


System Integration and project management for large orders. We'll work with your team every step of the way, and can provide reliable solutions for the entire line.

Delkor can work with you to design the case, and they have the capability to provide you samples of the case with graphics on. It’s like having a material company and a packaging systems company in one building.

-Wilberto Torrez-Ortiz, Packbrain

See it in action

Delkor has proven to be one of the most creative companies in the cheese industry. Not only have we developed a new generation of cutting-edge machinery, but our team has invented fresh package concepts that deliver savings, use less material, and improve our customers’ on-shelf brand appearance.

Popular Cheese Packaging Solutions

Cheese Packaging Equipment Industry 300

Pack Pouches and Bags

Our most popular case packer. Pack into Cases, Trays, and Retail Ready Packages


  • Flexibility to run any shipper style
  • Modular design
  • Complete line changeover in 8 minutes or less
  • Cabrio Case® Compatible


  • Pack pouches into cartons, cases, or trays
  • Pack bags into cartons, cases, or trays
Cheese Packaging Equipment Industry 301

Pack Pouches and Bags at high speeds

Pack into Cases, Trays, and Retail Ready Packages


  • Designed to perform well at higher speeds than any other case packer on the market
  • Quick changeover. Change the entire line to a new package size in 8 minutes or less
  • Cabrio Case® Compatible


  • Pack pouches into cartons or cases
  • Pack bags into cases
Cheese Packaging Equipment Industry 301-2

Form Cases, Trays, and Retail Ready Packages

Form a variety of package types


  • Cabrio Case® and Club Tray compatible
  • Custom configured discharge allows for more layout flexibility
  • 4 minute changeovers
  • Complete control while forming


  • Form retail ready packages such as the Cabrio Case®
  • Form standard shipping cases
  • Form club store trays

162042 - Delkor Closer L-Series Dual-Head-1

Place Paperboard Lids On Trays

Designed for high speed cheese cartoning


  • High Speed
  • Washdown Ready
  • Small Footprint
  • Quick Changeover


  • Place paperboard lids on processed cheese trays

Palletize Shipping Cases

Available in multiple in/out options, for a variety of package formats at once.


  • Complete Line Automation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customizable layout
  • Ergonomic, operator friendly design


  • Palletize cases, trays & retail ready
  • Able to integrate checkweighers, and inspection systems, and more
Cheese Packaging Equipment Industry 304

Close Cases and Cartons

Our most popular closer


  • High Speed
  • Optional Integration to Case Packer for Space Savings
  • Compact Design


  • Close cartons
  • Close cases and trays
  • Close retail ready packages such as the Cabrio Case®
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Crazy Smart Service Techs


Well Trained Technicians

We've invested heavily in our service crew, making sure they're set with all of the skills they could need to work on our customers equipment.


24 Hour Hotline

For maintenance issues call our hotline for immediate assistance 1-800-328-5558. We will send a tech to your plant in under 24 hours if that is needed to get you up and running!


Fanuc Certified Service Providers

We've put many of our techs through the courses at FANUC, so they are able to troubleshoot FANUC robots at customer plants.

Discuss Your Project

Delkor is a leading manufacturer of advanced case packing and cartoning machinery for the cheese industry. Our talented 300+ employees have proven to be one of the most inventive teams in the packaging industry. Contact us today to discuss your packaging automation needs. We look forward to building the perfect solution for your business!

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