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Top Load Cartoner

Top Load Cartoner

The C Series top load cartoner features a variety of collator configurations make this top load cartoner an ideal addition to any forming and closing modules.


The C Series Top Load Cartoner complements any of our erecting and sealing modules. It runs up to 400 units per minute in single or multiple layers. Fast, accurate product changeovers are completed in one to two minutes!


The C Series Top Load Cartoner can load cases, cartons and trays up to 400 units per minute in single or multiple layers. It’s fast acting double-indexing servo collator runs up to 80 cartons per minute. Options for twin collators and high-speed carton indexing can make your operation even more efficient!

Top load cartoner collation system
top load cartoner tool less changeover

Lightning Fast Changeover

Tool-less product changeovers take only one to two minutes to complete. Quick-change collation belts, quick change end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) contribute to a fast changeover and vertical production startup curve.

Servo-Driven Pushers

This unique system of servo-driven pushers positions multiple, cases, cartons or trays in A SINGLE MOTION. This unique approach eliminates jams or other issues that often occur when handling empty cases, cartons and trays.

Top load cartoner servo pushers for cartons and trays
Top load cartoner 3D printed tooling head

Complete Control

Our expertise in end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) allows us to design around your product, shape, weight and design for optimized picking and placing.

Washdown Ready

The C Series Top Load Cartoner is available in stainless steel and/or IP67 food-grade materials for sanitary conditions.

Top Load Cartoner can be washdown ready
Top Load Cartoner that integrate Fanuc robotics by Delkor, a certified Fanuc Integrator

Precision Loading Through Advanced Robotics

Delkor is a level 5 FANUC integrator, using the company’s innovative robotic technology as part of our complete advanced robotic packaging systems to achieve high picking & loading speeds with maximum reliability, precision and operation uptime.

Compatible Systems

Carton packing machine tray and carton erector

Trayfecta S Series

Efficient Carton and Tray Erector

Carton packing machine compatible carton sealer Delkor Capstone S Series

Capstone S Series

Seal Perfectly Aligned Cartons

Carton packing machine Capstone M Series Closer

Capstone M Series

Mechanically Driven Carton Closer

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