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Pick and Place Robot



The V Series vision-based pick and place robotic cell with single or multiple delta robots working in unison.


Vision-based collation, pick and place robot case packer, accepts random orientation of packages to accommodate your unique package sizes and pack patterns. Load at high speeds with single or multiple robots; high-speed case infeed runs up to 45 cartons per minute. The V Series loader combines perfectly with Delkor Trayfecta® forming and Delkor Capstone closing solutions.

Pick and place robot case and carton packer with fitment pouches on the infeed

Pack It Any Which Way

The Delkor V Series uses vision-based technology to all for a variety of package sizes and pack patterns. Vision collation conveniently accepts any random orientation of your packages.

Robotic Packaging Options

Our V Series robotically loads products into trays, cartons, or cases using pick and place vision to locate and pick random products from the infeed. Its high speed case infeed runs up to 45 cartons per minute.

Pick and place robot that can pack cartons at speeds of up to 45 cartons per minute
This pick and place robot perfectly integrates with Delkor's erectors and case sealers


The flexible loader combines perfectly with the Delkor Trayfecta® Case Erectors and Delkor Capstone Sealing solutions.

Speed to Match

Let us configure multiple pick and place robot cells that meets your speed requirements!  Single or multiple vision stations combine with options for reflex picking to reach very high speeds – matching up with the latest technology in upstream filling and wrapping equipment.

Pick and place robot packer can be configured with a single or multiple robot cell to meet any speed requirement
Pick and place robot that utilizes reflex style picking to pick up multiple products between each cycle to the carton

Reflex-Style Picking

Need to pick up the pace of your pick and place robot? Options for reflex-style picking allow the robots to pick up multiple products between each cycle to the carton.  This can offer significantly higher speeds than single-pick robotic cells.

High Speeds Through Advanced Robotics

Delkor is a Level 4 FANUC integrator and uses FANUC robotic technology as part of our complete high-speed, advanced robotic packaging systems to achieve high pick and place loading speeds with maximum reliability and operation uptime.

Pick and place robot that uses Fanuc robotics for reliable and high speed carton packing

Compatible Systems

Pick and place robot trayfecta S series cartoner

Trayfecta S SEries

Efficient Carton and Tray Erector

Pick and Place Robot Capstone S Series Carton Sealer

Capstone S SEries

Seal Perfectly Aligned Cartons

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