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Established in Minneapolis in 1973, we are a leading U.S. manufacturer of packaging equipment. The most popular brands of food and consumer products are packaged every day by our safe and dependable equipment that is designed in-house by a creative team of engineers and specialists.

In addition to our focus on designing and manufacturing packaging machinery, we place a strong emphasis on package design. We constantly work with our customers to find more efficient ways to use packaging materials, such as corrugated, paperboard, films and adhesive. Over the years, we have been awarded numerous patents for our innovation in this area of materials and package design. Our packaging systems are designed to produce not only these efficient and innovate packages, but the standard industry package designs as well.  This approach provides exceptional value and versatility to our customers, protecting their investment for years to come.

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Since 1973, we have grown to become one of the premier packaging manufacturers, with an established reputation for innovative and durable end-of-line packaging machinery. Originating in Minneapolis, in 2012 we moved to a new expanded facility in St. Paul, MN, taking our operations to a new level in terms of becoming a leader among other packaging manufacturers and by providing the best technical support!

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We were named Best in Class Midsize Company in the 2018 Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards! Delkor is proud of manufacturing in Minnesota.



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We specialize in the forming, loading, and closing of secondary packaging. We strive to be lead technology introduced by Packaging Manufacturers, by employing the latest developments among servo drives, robotics, and vision systems to create elegant solutions to packaging challenges. Our engineering, support, and sales staff pride themselves on devising efficient systems that use multiple packaging materials—such as corrugate, paperboard, films, and adhesives—to maximize production flexibility. With minimum changeover times, Delkor machines offer consistently high quality production and maximum uptime.

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Delkor has proved to be a breeding ground for innovation, spawning five Minnesota packaging companies started by former Delkor employees. These packaging manufacturers include MGS, Streamfeeder, Filtration Engineering, Postmatic and Separation Technology. 

Delkor retail ready packaging design wins AmeriStar award

Demonstrating its own leadership in innovation among packaging manufacturers, Delkor has been awarded numerous patents for materials and package design. The company has been recognized with a Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award from Wal-Mart Canada and the Canadian Packaging Association for a patented machine that provided dramatic production waste reductions. Delkor also is expanding its exports. In 2012, Minnesota’s governor saluted Delkor with an award for its export operations.

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