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Delkor's New HSP Series Case Packer is vision-based robotics at its best

An interior shot of Delkor's HSP Series Case Packer

Delkor is setting a new standard for case packing speed and accuracy with its HSP Series Case Packer. Engineered with precision and ingenuity, this cutting-edge case packing machine is poised to redefine the standards of speed and adaptability in the case packing landscape.

At the heart of the HSP Series Case Packer lies a groundbreaking capability - boasting speeds of up to 340 bags or pouches up to 32 oz. per minute. The case packer changes over to the full range of shipper styles (brown box, retail ready and club store stackable trays) used by the market in just 5 to 10 minutes. No other case packer for bags and pouches offers this range of speed, flexibility and rapid changeover.

This case packer also incorporates Delkor’s laser guided corrugated warp-correction technology. Recently awarded three US patents, the system provides the following:

3x the warp tolerance
3x the run time
50 cases per minute


Watch the video below to see this innovation in action.


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