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Delkor's Cabrio Case® Design Hits Major Milestone In Just 8 Years

In addition to celebrating 50 years in business, Delkor achieved another major company milestone in 2023. In just eight years since its creation, the patented Cabrio Case® design saw over 1 billion units produced across North America in a single year. Its success comes as no surprise to us as we knew we had something big when it was first introduced. Help us celebrate this accomplishment by revisiting the Cabrio Cases’ journey to 1 billion.

Solving Retail-Ready Packaging Issues, One Bag of Cheese at a Time

Feeling pressure from leading mass merchandisers and club store operators across North America to provide retail-ready packaging and shelf displays requiring minimal in-store handling, Delkor got to work. Utilizing years of packaging expertise and one immensely talented team, the Cabrio Case design was born not long after.

Made from a single corrugated blank for optimal material usage and die-cutting precision, the tray-hood package design was exactly what these retailers were searching for as an alternative to hanging bags of cheese. Not only did the Cabrio Case look great, it eliminated the need for workers to individually place each bag on a steel rack.

Cabrio Case Continues to Capture Attention

Years later, the Cabrio Case continues to catch the eye of not only food and beverage companies but manufacturers in pet food, health and beauty products, and many other industries as well. Because its pre-cut tray front doesn’t require manual cutting when unloading and placing onto shelves, it provides a more efficient approach to shelf stocking, an important feat especially during a worker shortage.

The Future of Cabrio Case

Though the Cabrio Case design has seen much success in its infancy, we feel confident that there’s much more to come! Be sure to follow along as we aim for the next milestone, 2 billion cases produced in a year!

If you’re interested in getting a free Cabrio Case sample perfectly branded and optimized to meet your products, send us a request! Our Package Lab loves coming up with new solutions to fit any need.

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