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Delkor dots rendering with pouches going into a display tray


  • Simple
  • Easily Automated
  • Cost Effective Solution

Keep product standing upright on the shelf for less than a penny!

Ensure Perfect Product Display

Delkor Dots™ (patent pending) provide an undeniably simple solution to helping product remain upright in display trays even when shopped. You can forget single facing corrugated boards and molded plastic trays; adhesive based Delkor Dots have arrived!

Delkor dots packaging keeps products upright when shopped.
Delkor dots packaging applies glue dots during case erecting process

What are Delkor Dots?

The concept is simple! During the case erecting process, a row of adhesive dots are applied to the blank in a programmable pattern, which can be customized for ideal spacing and location to suit the primary package.

Optimize Your Dot Placements

Delkor Dots can be placed on the sides of the tray and/or on the bottom of the tray, to ensure product doesn’t slide out of position while in the display case. Each primary product has unique features, and likely requires specific dot placement, which can be easily adjusted.

Delkor dots packaging strategically designs dot placements ideal for your displayed product
Delkor dots packaging seamlessly integrate into the case erector at minimal cost

Seamless Integration

After the dots are applied, the case continues through the erecting process, product is top loaded into the case, the case is sealed, and then shipped off to the retailer.

Broad Range of Products

Delkor Dots can be applied across a broad range of products and industries and packaged in Delkor’s retail ready package design the Cabrio Case®. From office supplies, to food, candy, household items, and more, Delkor Dots will keep your product upright.

Delkor dots packaging is a perfect enhancement to Delkor's retail ready package design the Cabrio Case
Delkor dots packaging can be simply integrated into an existing Delkor fully automated system

Full Automation

Fully automated packaging systems are the most efficient. Delkor dots are available in your standard, fully automated systems as well in semi-automatic, hand packed case lines.