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Delkor’s patent pending stackable club store packaging trays offer sturdy column stacking and multiple design variations to help prevent product damage and allow shoppers easy access to products in the tray.

Double Walled, Single-Piece Blank

Available in double or single walled corrugated, Delkor’s stackable club store packaging trays, patent pending, are formed with a single piece blank to save on material costs while ensuring trays meet strength and durability requirements for your products and meet club store standards.

Club store packaging with double walled corrugated for improved sturdiness
Club store packaging with triangular post design for reliable stacking.

Engineered to Stack

Our Stackable Club Store Packaging Trays are engineered with triangulated corner posts that ensure the entire tray has strength to maintain its form when stacked.

Reinforced Display Edge

Our Stackable Club Store Packaging Trays feature reinforced display edges to prevent buckling and meet club store standards. We also have options for display window cutouts to fit your exact display needs.

Club store packaging with reinforced display edge.


The Delkor Trayfecta® G Series Case Erector is like having three machines in one. It’s capable of forming cartons, retail-ready packages and stackable club trays with a lightning fast changeover.

Pack Heavy Pouches

Delkor’s LSP Series Robotic Case Packer packs pouches up to 10 pounds. It can pack at speeds up to 100 bags per minute into stackable club trays, retail ready packages and standard shippers.

Club Store Packaging is compatible with Delkor's LSP Series robotic case packer.

Compatible Systems

Case and tray erector for club store packaging

Trayfecta G Series

Gantry Erector for Cases, Stackable Club Store Trays, Retail Ready Packages.

LSP robotic top loader for club store packaging

LSP Series

Robotic Top Loader for Bags and Pouches up to 10lbs.

club store packaging for hand pack operations

Hand Pack Operations

Perfect Solutions for Hand Pack Operations.