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Case pack RSC FSC with graphic design for rigid containers


Delkor has a case option that will minimize your case packaging material costs.  Our Flange-Seal (wrap-around style) Cases offer high strength while using less corrugated board than pre-glued Regular Slotted Containers (RSC). Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the case pack options and demonstrate how our solution offers both economy and strength, allowing us to bring savings to your bottom line.


Flange-Seal Cases can be run at higher speeds for maximum production line output while reducing costs by an average of 10 – 20% when compared to typical RSC cases.

Case pack design flange seal cases can cut materials costs
Case pack design with a tearaway hood


Need to show off your products? A variety of options for tear-away windows allows you to show off the top or sides of the case with ease.


How does the FSC case pack method save materials? By eliminating excess overlap in the top and bottom of the case. Glued joints are on the ends of the case instead of the top and bottom, meaning that small fold-over glue flaps can be minimized

Case pack design that eliminates excess overlap in the top and bottom of the case

Compatible Systems

Case pack Trayfecta S case, carton and tray former

Trayfecta S SEries

High-Speed Cartoning and Tray Erector.

Delkor Performance Loader for case packing

Performance Loader

Feature-Rich Tray and Case Packer with Perfect Pattern Technology.

Case pack flex loader top load case packer for rigid containers

Flex Loader

Top Load Any Size, Shape or Pattern of Rigid Containers.

Case Pack Capstone F Series case sealer

Capstone F Series

Seal Cases and Retail Ready Packages.