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Browse a variety of pet food packaging equipment options and see popular package designs for rigid and flexible primary packages! This page features some of our customer’s favorite package concepts as well as the equipment that it takes to create them. Check out the Equipment Page for a full inventory of Delkor's machinery.

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Packaging Solutions

Retail Ready Packaging for Flexible Products

Our most popular retail ready package is the patented Cabrio Case. This case went from 0 to 2 billion cases in production in its first two years on the market. Watch this video if you haven’t heard about the genius of the Cabrio Case yet!

Retail Ready Packaging for Rigid Products

If you’ve got bottles, cans, tins, or other rigid containers, our patented Turbo Case is likely a good match for your needs. This case reduces materials by shipping the display trays in a shrink wrapped film with a top pad connecting and stabilizing the product until they reach store shelves.

Pet Food Packaging Case

Keep it Simple

If you're interested in a brown boxes (FSC or RSC case) for shipping your product to stores, look no further. We offer a variety of machinery for forming, loading, sealing, and palletizing these types of packages for both rigid and flexible products.

Pet Food Packaging Equipment Icons

Equipment Solutions

Pet Food Packaging Equipment

Browse erectors, packers, sealers, and palletizers for pet food in one place! Whether your need pet food packaging equipment for cartons, cases, trays, retail ready packages, or something more unique, we’ve got you covered!

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One Case Erector Fur-ever!

Our pet food packaging equipment is designed to be flexible. If you want to erect a different type of package on our carton formers, it’s not an issue. You can switch between cartons, cases, oversized club store trays, retail ready packages, and more in minutes with our equipment!

Pet Food Packaging Equipment

Seal the Deal

Fully automate your pet food packaging line with sealing machines that close your case, cartons, or retail ready packages. Featured here is Delkor's Capstone M Series closer, which is an extremely precise, mechanically-driven closer that runs up to 50 cartons per minute.


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