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Tray Shrink Spot Pak

Spot-Pak® Solution

Flat corrugated tray shrink or pad-loading solution designed to cut materials and cost by half!

Safe and Sound

The patented Delkor Spot-Pak® tray shrink or pad package is a proven solution used on more than 200 packaging systems every day. With Spot-Pak packaging, the product is attached to corrugated pads with temporary bond adhesive and then shrink-wrapped in different varieties best suited for your rigid product.

Cut Transportation Costs with Tray Shrink

More compact than boxes or trays, the Delkor Spot-Pak yields 5% – 20% more shippers per pallet to save on transportation costs.

Tray shrink spot pak cuts transportation costs with smaller form factor

Boosts Productivity

The patented Delkor Spot-Pak fully automates package assembly, reducing labor costs for secondary packaging operations.

Reduce Material Content

Spot-Pak shippers, comprise of one or more flat corrugated pads, PE shrink film, and light temporary bond adhesive, can reduce packaging materials content by 50% or more when compared to corrugated RSCs and boxes.

Tray shrink can reduce packaging materials by up to 50 percent compared to typical cases
Tray shrink spot pak is easy to open and helps store operations

Enhances In-Store Operations

Easy-to-open Spot-Pak packages facilitate shelf-stocking and leave only a small amount of waste material for disposal or recycling.

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