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The patented Cabrio Case has taken the industry by storm as a tray-hood package created from a single-piece of corrugated board. More efficient than two-piece designs, and easily produced alongside other traditional cases on Delkor's Trayfecta line of case formers, future-proofing your packaging line has never been easier.

Award-winning Innovation.

The Cabrio Case is a proven tray-hood shelf-ready package created from a single-piece of corrugated board. More efficient than two-piece tray-hood designs, easier to open than typical tear-away cases, and easily produced alongside other traditional cases on Delkor's packaging systems, Cabrio Case allows flexibility and performance to meet the latest RRP Guidelines at major retailers.

Why is Cabrio Case best for brand owners?

Cabrio Case delivers perfect shelf presentation, with clean pre-cut edges, along with options to create custom shapes on the tray front to enhance your brand. First impressions matter; make sure to strike interest in customers walking through department three.

Use Less. Save More.

Single-piece design allows for easy production planning and less SKU's in your system. The Delkor Cabrio Case saves 10 – 20% in corrugated materials compared to tear-away cases, and 10 – 50% compared to full height tray and hood combos. Flexible production lines allow for other efficient shipper and display case production as well.

It doesn't get any easier...

The Delkor Cabrio Case® opens and displays on shelves in a swift, single motion with no cutting required! Pre-cut tray fronts ensure your case has the perfect shelf appearance, free of jagged or torn edges. Don't forget, we can customize your Cabrio Cases with a design that complements your products, too!

Equipment Solutions

Delkor offers a wide variety of equipment solutions that range from hand-pack lines to fully automated robotic packers. You can relax knowing that all of our systems can undergo total case format changes in less than 10 minutes! Additional tooling enable all systems to run standard (brown box) shippers as well as popular retail ready packages.

3 Stages of Cabrio

The genius of this RRP can be summarized in three steps. First, there is a simple, economical one-piece blank that gets formed. Second, the product is loaded into the case, which can ship with procuct oriented vertically, flat, or on its side to suit a variety of product requirements. Finally, the top is lifted off and product displays vertically. This display arrangement is perfect for bags, pouches, flat packs and cartons.

Want to learn more?

Make sure to start a conversation with your Delkor representative if you would like to see how you can start packing your products in the Cabrio Case.


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