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Walmart PDQ Specifications Display Guidelines

Walmart PDQ Specifications and Display Guidelines

Read up on Walmart’s most recent recommendation for retail packaging in their PDQ Specifications and Display Guidelines from 2018. 

You’ll also find information on popular package types that meet Walmart’s PDQ Specifications and Display Guidelines on this page!

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Every few years, Walmart releases their newest guidelines for packaging, shipping, store shelf stocking and more in their comprehensive guide.

Here are the two most recent guides:

Walmart PDQ Specifications and Display Guidelines Delkor Cabrio Case Design

Cabrio Case® Retail Ready Packaging-Approved PDQ

Among the recommended retail ready package types in Walmart’s guide, is the Delkor Cabrio Case®. This patented case acts simultaneously as a shipping case AND a display tray. The genius of this case design assists in sustainability initiatives, cuts costs from retailer’s bottom line, and helps expedite shelf stocking! Learn more about this retail ready packaging solution here.

Guide to Retail Ready Packaging Success

If Retail Ready Packaging is somewhat new to you, you might want to consider a crash course on the subject before assessing Walmart’s PDQ Specifications and Display Guidelines. If you’re seeing an overview on PDQ packaging, we’ve created a comprehensive guide just for you! It’s a free online guide to help your business successfully implement retail ready packaging.

Walmart PDQ  Specifications and Display Guidelines Retail Ready Guide
Walmart PDQ Specifications and Display Guidelines Delkor Retail Ready Package Portfolio

Delkor’s Retail Ready Package Options

We provide the machinery that will erect, pack, seal, and palletize your secondary packaging solutions. After years of recommending package designs to customers, we’ve become somewhat of an expert in the field. Moreover, we began designing custom retail ready package designs for our customers a few years back and now proudly offer a wide selection of retail ready designs, that can run on our machinery (as well as others).

What’s New in Walmart’s Latest Packaging Guide?

Watch Delkor’s presentation on what’s new in Walmart’s most recent packaging and labeling guide from Pack Expo 2018.

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