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RFA Conference 2020

RFA Conference 2020

FEB. 23 – 26, 2020


See Delkor’s latest innovations in Retail Ready Packaging and Automated Packaging Equipment for the refrigerated food industry at RFA Conference 2020

Feature-Rich Case and Tray Packer

The Delkor Performance Loader™ is a case and tray packer designed and engineered with a pick-and-place gantry and an innovative infeed system to reach loading speeds up to 250 containers per minute. Optimized for packing tapered cups, bottles and a range of other rigid container shapes and styles into a retail ready packages, cases, trays, and other secondary packaging styles.

Efficient Case Forming and Sealing

See how John Soules Foods enhanced their hand pack operations and transitioned to Delkor’s premier retail ready case design the Cabrio Case® with Delkor’s case former Trayfecta G Series and Capstone F Series case sealer. The G Series can run multiple package designs including the Cabrio Case, stackable club store trays and standard shipping cases with just a simple changeover process.

Versatile Packing Line for Multiple Package Formats

Pack standard shippers, stackable club store trays and retail ready cases including Delkor Cabrio Case® with a single Delkor robotic equipment line that features the premier robotic top loader the LSP Series. With just a simple changeover process, you can transition this line to accommodate any of these package formats.


Delkor’s patented Turbo Case® can be found on-shelf in Kroger’s dairy aisles today with the retailer’s greek yogurt and sour cream! The Turbo Case wraps multiple display trays together into a robust single shipper and go from shipper to shelf in turbo speed.

RFA conference Turbo Case on Kroger Shelf
RFA Conference cabrio case

Cut Corrugated Costs

The Delkor Cabrio Case retail ready case design can save up to 20% in corrugated materials compared to tear-away cases, and up to 50% compared to full height tray and hood combos. Flexible production lines allow for other efficient shipper and display case production as well. Save on costs while still looking good on shelf.

Perfectly Integrated Palletizing

Complete your Delkor automated packaging equipment line with a perfectly integrated Delkor palletizing system. Delkor is your single-source solutions provider from package design to to palletizer.

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