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Over 200 Million Every Year! Retail Ready Packaging is here. Retail Ready Packaging (or shelf ready packaging) has never been as easy as this. Cabrio Case is a retail ready package that offers perfect shelf appearance with a machine-cut tray front for maximum shelf impact.

Cabrio Case Retail Ready Packaging With Shredded Cheese Product Inside On Store Shelves

Award-winning Retail Ready Packaging Innovation and Patented Design.

The Cabrio Case has taken the industry by storm as a tray-hood retail ready packaging design created from a single piece of corrugated board. More efficient than two piece designs, and easily produced alongside other traditional cases on Delkor's Trayfecta line of case formers, future-proofing your packaging line has never been easier.



The patented Delkor Cabrio Case® opens in a single swift motion with no cutting required! Pre-cut tray front allows for design flexibility and perfect shelf appearance.
Line Drawing Of Cabrio Case Retail Ready Packaging Solution


Brand owners love the clean shelf appearance with wrapped tray corners, and machine-cut front edges and sides. Pre-cut tray front allows for shapes that compliment your products appearance on the shelf.
Rendering of forming filling and sealing a retail ready packaging cabrio case package


Your product loads and ships flat to reduce shifting and settling during shipment. If you have a unique product or desire to ship your product standing up or laying its side, we've got you covered there too.

Renderings of retail ready packaging designs for various products


Single-piece design allows for easy production planning and less SKU's in your system. The Delkor Cabrio Case saves 10 – 20% in corrugated materials compared to tear-away cases, and 10 – 50% compared to full height tray and hood combos. Flexible production lines allow for other efficient shipper and display case production as well.

Retail Ready Packaging Pallet with Cabrio Case 17


High-strength case design ensures structural integrity against the rigors of transit and handling.

Cabrio Twin Case Two Piece Retail Ready Packaging Shippers On White Background


Two Cabrio Cases can be joined together for efficient and stable distribution. It's an ideal and cost effective solution when stocking multi-flavor products. At the retailer, a single pull of the hood reveals two display trays for easy re-stocking on the shelf.


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