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Solving a Retail Ready Pack Problem

Oct 15 2018

Delkor Dots Solves One of the Biggest Problems with Retail Ready Trays

Walmart and other retailers say that one of the biggest problems they have with Retail Ready packs is that once a few primary packs are removed, the rest fall forward. Not anymore.

Pat Reynolds, VP Editor Emeritus
Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make all the difference in the world, a truism that was on full display at the Delkor booth in the South Hall of PACK EXPO 2018. That’s where “Delkor Dots” (patent pending), were being shown for the first time. But first the back story.
Retailers of all stripes are wild about Retail Ready Packaging. It’s where the corrugated tray turns into a 12-count display tray that can be placed quickly and efficiently on the store shelf by in-store personnel. But a recurring problem with these corrugated RRP display trays is that once the first two or three primary packages have been removed, the remaining packs flop forward. Not good.
So Delkor came up with a way of spraying dots of hot-melt adhesive on the sides and, in some cases, on the bottoms of RRP trays that make it almost impossible for the primary packs to slide or fall forward. According to Delkor, retailers like Walmart are wild about this idea. Expect to see it commercialized before too long.