RRP Guide With Delkor & Vanguard

Apr 5 2018

New Online Guide Aims to Help Organizations Successfully Implement RRP

A new definitive online resource for retail-ready packaging goes live - www.retailready.guide.

Delkor Systems

ST. PAUL, MINN., April 5, 2018 – Today a new definitive online resource for retail-ready packaging goes live - www.retailready.guide. This free online guide offers a wealth of information on retail-ready packaging as well as links to retailer requirements, industry videos and articles. The site outlines the stages involved in converting to retail-ready packaging from package design through plant implementation.


In addition to the guide, a new online forum www.retailready.guide/forum allows industry professionals to discuss retail-ready packaging and gain new insights based on feedback and responses from real-world users. The forum allows users to share actionable tips that can help organizations transition to retail ready packaging. The retail-ready packaging guide will also help visitors better under what retail-ready packaging is, what package design styles are available for their specific product, how to attain internal buy-in, tips on working with corrugated and equipment manufacturers during the process, and much more.


Website visitors can also connect directly with an expert from Delkor Systems and/or Vanguard Packaging to get answers on their unique retail-ready package challenges.


About Delkor Systems


Delkor Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures packaging equipment that provides efficient solutions for tray forming of cartons, cases and trays (Trayfecta®), case packing (Flex Loader®), shrink-bundled, flat-pad shippers (Spot-Pak®), retail-ready shippers (Cabrio Case®), robotic loading, stackable club trays and other forms of secondary packaging. Delkor’s engineering, support, and sales staff pride themselves on developing efficient systems that use multiple packaging materials—such as corrugate, paperboard, films, and adhesives—to maximize production flexibility. Visit www.delkorsystems.com for more information.