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High Speed Case Packer

High-Speed Case Packer | HSP Series

The HSP Series is the fastest high speed case packer available for pouches, and reaches speeds up to 300 pouches per minute. To complement high-speed stand-up pouch fillers we incorporate linear servo technology. Our fusion of vision-based high-payload, high-performance robotics eliminates delays associated with traditional collation.

High speed case packer made possible with precision linear servo technology


The ONLY top load case packer for pouches that uses a linear-servo infeed for pouch collation duties. This game-changing design allows the high speed case packer to reach break-neck speeds with ease.

Perfect Alignment

Our patent pending pouch alignment drive conveyor keeps pouches straight and centered for high-speed case packer infeeds. 

High speed case packing with perfect pouch aiglnment technology
High speed case packer with gantry robots to pack as many as 12 cases at a time.


The HSP Series gantry robot top-loads into as many as 12 cases with each cycle. Articulating end of arm tools allow us to place pouches with precision into the tightest of cases. Long stroke gantry ensures the HSP series can handle the new Cabrio Case® retail-ready package design and more.

Simplified Solution

Delkor’s HSP Series packs the retail ready Cabrio Case® which simplifies shipping and stocking. An optional module combines Cabrio Cases® for dual packing. Need to also pack shippers or interleaved shelf ready cases? No problem, a simple toolless changeover will have you up and running in no time.

High speed case packer that packs pouches and bags into retail ready cases such as the Delkor Cabrio Case
High speed case packer which can product into cases with various orientations

Diverse Packing Pattern Options

The HSP Series High Speed Case Packer is the answer. Recipe-driven interleaving capability allows you to interleave within a layer or by layer, permitting a multitude of load pattern options.

Compatible Systems

High speed case packer trayfecta s series carton and case erector.

Trayfecta S Series

High-Speed Cartoning Machine.

High speed case packer Capstone f series case sealer

Capstone F Series

Seal Cases and Retail Ready Packages.

High speed case packer V Series pick and place loader

V Series

Vision-based pick and place robotic case packer.

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