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Delkor VC Series Packer Enables High-Speed Packing of Single-Serve, Spouted Fitment Pouches into Cartons and Cases

ST. PAUL, MIN., May 5, 2019 – Delkor Systems today announced the debut of the company’s latest robotic packer, the VC Series Case Packer. The new robotic case packer combines FANUC IR Vision Robotics and Delkor’s own linear-servo equipped 3-axis gantry to enable high-speed, automated case and carton packing of spouted pouches, fitment pouches and other single-serve pouch products. The VC Series is configurable to pack pouches into multiple secondary packaging styles including cartons, retail ready cases and standard “Brown Box” shipping cases to enable producers to rely on a single line for multiple package formats to meet varying retailer requirements.

The VC Series is engineered to pack spouted pouches both on-edge and lay-flat pack-out with a simple tool-less changeover and run at speeds up to 250 products per minute. Using FANUC iRVision technology, the VC Series can pick pouches from the infeed belt while pouches lay in different orientations, eliminating the need to reorient pouches upstream. The machine also features a compact footprint achieved through the utilization of three closely spaced FANUC LR-Mate robots and the compact gantry. With linear-servo line-tracking, the machine’s reach & payload can handle the latest packaging requirements, including deep cartons and shelf-ready solutions such as Delkor’s Cabrio Case®.

Maintenance is also a simplified for the VC Series Robotic Loader with self-tensioning belts that allow for long life and simple belt replacement when worn. With a sleek modular frame and full-access guard doors, the VC Series readily accepts integration with other Delkor packaging equipment, such as high-speed Delkor Trayfecta® tray, carton, and case formers as well as the full lineup of Delkor Capstone closers.

Delkor boasts decades of experience designing and specifying secondary packaging for both rigid and flexible primary packages. Delkor’s packaging experts can help determine the most cost effective tertiary packaging system and package design and create package samples within 48-hours.

For more information on the VC Series as well as other Delkor case packing product lines, please visit us at

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