Sustainable Packaging

Equipment & Solutions for Sustainable Packaging


  • Material Savings
  • Recycled Products
  • Walmart Project Gigaton
  • Reduce Storage Requirements
  • Commit to Change

material Savings

Selecting the right package format is an integral part of the sustainable packaging process. Some package formats such as wraparound cases and RSCs, while strong throughout shipment, overuse corrugated materials. There are many formats that use fewer corrugated and paperboard materials; a popular middle-of-the-road design is tray shrink packaging. If you’re more dedicated to reducing material usage (which tends to create significant savings), a design like the patented Spot-Pak package may be the right choice. Switching from a high consuming case to a shrink wrap alternative can save 50-75%. As far as retail ready sustainable packaging goes, Delkor's patented Cabrio Case (featured above for block cheese) is a material saving case and a half solution. 

Recycled Products

An added benefit of using shrink wrap packaging is the ability to recycle your polyethylene film! Where many plastics fail, polyethylene excels. Delkor's shrink wrap machinery uses polyethylene film exclusively, which is largely why our Spot-Pak and Turbo Case solutions are so beneficial to the sustainable packaging initiatives major retailers are taking. 



Project Gigaton

Walmart made an announcement in 2016 regarding a company wide commitment to reduce their emission footprint by 1 billion metric tons before 2030. Delkor is happy to announce that two of our patented cases have been adopted by Walmart and will be playing a significant role in reducing their emissions. Cabrio Case has been their go-to retail ready case for Great Value cheese for some time now, and Turbo Case is a retail ready package for rigid products like cups, bottles, and other containers. Walmart’s commitment to change the efficiency of packaging and production is an enormous shift in the right direction. Be the change you wish to see in the world, and make the shift to sustainable packaging yourself!


Reduce Storage Requirements

Let's face it, everyone could use a bit more storage space at their manufacturing plant. Why use pallets and pallets of corrugated and paperboard materials when shrink wrap and protective pads would protect the products just as well, with a fraction of the materials? Not only are the materials themselves cheaper and more sustainable, switching to shrink wrap packaging allows you to free up a significant selection of your production floor!

Commit to Change

Is sustainable packaging a viable solution at your company? If not, make sure to start the conversation with the decision makers. Adopting a new package format (such as Delkor’s patented sustainable packages) that consumes less may seem like a small piece of the manufacturing puzzle, but it saves money and removes some waste from the world, with every package shipped. Consider making the commitment to sustainable packaging and chat with one of our sales representatives to see what the next move is in your green packaging initiative!