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FANUC Robotics

FANUC Robotics Packaging Integration

We've gathered all of our highlights to showcase our capabilities as a Level 5 FANUC Robotics integrator in the packaging industry. Whether you're interested in packaging automation, FANUC robotics integration, or robotic systems in general, you've come to the right place. Here are the FANUC robotics you can find in Delkor's premier packaging equipment lines:

  • Palletizing Robot (M-410iC)
  • Pick & Place Robots (M-10iA & M-20iB)
  • Pick & Place Robot (M-710iC)
  • Pouch Orientating Delta Robot (M-2iA)

Fanuc Robotics Level 5 Integrator!

We're customers and collaborators with FANUC Robotics; currently we've achieved LEVEL 5 FANUC INTEGRATOR, which is the highest achievement for companies that excel at conceptualizing and servicing these robots.

FANUC Robotics in Action

We proudly integrate FANUC robotics in a number of our systems. Among the most popular is our MSP-m High Speed Case Packer which features dual M-2iA picking robots and a heavy duty M-710iC vertical loading arm. While we tested a number of end of arm tool variations, the most effective in cost and performance was the FANUC M-710iC. You'll be hard pressed to find better (or faster) robotic integration in a case packing machine!

Pick up heads for FANUC Robotics in Delkor Packaging Machines

Vision System Assistance

Accompanying FANUC robotics with our vision system ensures that no matter the skew or orientation of bags coming down the conveyor, our machines can precisely pick-and-place them correctly into the secondary packages running on the line.

Palletizing with FANUC Robotics

FANUC's M-410iC is a mean machine. With a payload of more than 400 pounds, this robot is built to handle any secondary package that needs palletizing. A fantastic feature of the FANUC driven palletizers that Delkor produces is the flexibility that can be easily  configured to stack a variety of package types simultaneously! 

Delkor MSP-m robotic case packer with integrated FANUC Robotics


M-10iA and M-20iB FANUC robotics can pick and load product without needing additional robotic assistance, such as the M-2iA. We integrated the M-10iA and M-20iB FANUC robotics into our compact mid-speed top load case packer. These robots do adjust for skewed products on the conveyor, and they can actually handle heavier products!


If you're looking for a robotic packaging system, you'll first want to define a few aspects of your operation. Keep these in mind as you continue researching:

  1. SPACE - If space is hard to come by in your operation, you'll need to look into packaging equipment that has a smaller footprint and can still handle your product. This will reduce the number of potential equipment solutions significantly.

  2. SPEED - Knowing your desired output helps define which Fanuc robotics match your needs. While Delkor machines are made to be flexible, we do produce low, mid, and high speed targeted lines.

  3. SIZE - Having defined the spectrum of product sizes that may run on your line will help prevent issues down the road. Speak with your Marketing team if you've got more products in the works, and be sure that you're investing in equipment that can candle everything.

  4. BUDGET - If pricing is a major concern, you may want to investigate partial line automation. Many start-ups go with a Case Erector and Case Sealer and have a hand pack loading operation.