Costco Packaging Requirements

Costco Packaging Requirements | PDQ Specifications and Display Guidelines

Learn about Costco's most recent recommendation for retail packaging in their Packaging (PDQ & Retail Ready Package) Guidelines for 2019.

You'll also find information on popular package types that meet Costco's and Walmart's requirements on this page!

Costco packaging requirements stackable club store trays

Delkor Stackable club Store Tray

Delkor's patented stackable club store tray offers a robust solution for club stores such as Costco. Formed on a single piece blank, the stackable tray can be formed and packed on Delkor's versatile packaging equipment lines including the Trayfecta G Series case and tray erector and LSP Series robotic top loader.

A guide to Successful Retail Ready Packaging Implementation

If Retail Ready Packaging is somewhat new to you, you might want to consider a crash course on the subject before assessing Costco's packaging requirements. If you're seeing an overview on PDQ packaging, we've created a comprehensive guide just for you!

costco packaging guide retail ready packaging guide