Cannabis Packaging Equipment

Cannabis Packaging Equipment and Package Designs

Many products throughout North America have been transitioning to pouches and bags because they are easily accessible and resealable for consumers. As the legalization of cannabis continues to gain footing, these style pouches will likely grow in use within the cannabis packaging industry. However, getting the products into the pouches is merely the first step in its packaging journey. Taking those pouches, and packing them efficiently into secondary packages and shipping cases is just as critical for efficient distribution. So where do you turn to automate that end-of-line packing process?

cannabis packaging equipment package designs

Cannabis Packaging Equipment for Pouches and Bags

Delkor has been in the pouch packaging business for years in industries including candy, dairy and more. We have perfected our machinery to be adaptable for a combination of products. We offer a variety of different solutions for handling various pouch and bag sizes, weights, and speeds. This flexibility ensures that facilities won’t be forced to buy new equipment every time package types are altered. 

Carton Erecting and Sealing

Many popular solutions for CBD/THC oils, edibles and other cannabis products are packed in cartons. Delkor's Trayfecta series cartoning machines are a perfect solution while allowing you to run multiple package styles in a single machine including tri-seal cartons, cases, trays, and retail ready packages.

High-Speed Cartoning Technology

If you’re running cartons, RRPs, or standard RSC shipping cases, you’ll need a sealing machine. Our sealers are able to run low, mid, and high speeds and they are all built compact, to maximize production floor space.

Hand-Pack Systems

A cheaper solution is a line that begins and ends with an automated case erectors and sealers while still handpacking your product. Instead of purchasing a robotic case packer some smaller packers have opted to manually fill the cases before they are sealed.

Efficient Shelf Restocking with Retail Ready Packaging

We’ve developed a gallery of both rigid and flexible secondary packaging solutions. Many of packages are patented because they add such a unique solution to the shipping method and on shelf display. With a retail ready package design, shelves can be restocked quickly by just pulling off the case hood to reveal a display ready tray with products in it. Just slide the whole tray onto the shelf space.