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Delkor's Rick Gessler talks how Delkor Turbo Case is meeting changing demands on retail shelves

Dec. 10, 2018 - Secondary packaging equipment can help snack producers and bakeries perform a variety of necessary functions, including shrink wrapping, shrink bundling, pallet unitizing and case building. The latest systems are also able to meet the demands of a quick-changing market.

Going retail-ready

“The warehouse/club channel is one of the areas where palletizing and bundling has found a new home,” says Sean Riley, senior director, media and industry communications, PMMI, Reston, VA. “Rather than utilization strictly as a mode of distribution in the supply chain, warehouse/club stores often keep the pallets intact and use them directly on the ‘sale’ floor as retail-ready displays.”

Muller, Glenview, IL, part of the Signode Industrial Group, offers Octopus stretch wrappers that feature automatic options such as corner board application, top cap application with tab folding and bottom tab folding, which give added protection to the palletized load. This is especially important for handling fragile packaged snack/bakery products.

“With more customers offering larger bag/carton sizes for the warehouse/club channel, goods often are packaged in display-type cartons that offer little protection and reduced pallet integrity. So it’s important to be able to automatically apply corner boards and top caps in the stretch wrapper. Otherwise, companies have to add these components manually off-line,” says Mark Corder, sales manager, Muller.

With retailers aiming to optimize shelf space and improve in-store operations, there’s growing demand for suppliers to utilize packaging that features a narrow shelf facing and relatively small shelf-ready trays. Delkor Systems’ Turbo Case® shelf-ready package is designed to solve this problem and group together multiple small display trays into a single, reasonably sized shipper, according to Rick Gessler, vice president of marketing, engineering and production, Delkor Systems Inc., St. Paul, MN.

“By placing a top member over the trays and then shrink-bundling them into a single shippable unit, the trays are unified into a robust shipper that can handle the rigors of distribution. Currently on-shelf at retailers including Walmart and Kroger, the Turbo Case is ideal for baked snacks in tall canisters, tapered cups and other rigid containers,” Gessler says.