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Delkor equipment training to improve your knowledge in Delkor

Extensive training programs led by experienced Delkor technicians to expand your operator and training staffs’ skills and expertise in maintaining and operating your Delkor packaging equipment lines.

FHOT Trainer 2

Fundamental Operational Training

Delkor’s Fundamental Operational Training offers extensive training for your operator and maintenance staff. Ideal for post equipment start-up and refresher courses for existing Delkor lines, this training program features:


  • Experienced, PMMI Certified Technical Trainers.
  • Bilingual training sessions.
  • Customized training guides for each participant.
  • A customized robotic handbook for customers with robotic loaders or palletizing systems.

Perfect Blend of Classroom and Hands-On Learning

Delkor’s Fundamental Operational Training program is an ideal blend of classroom instruction and hands-on learning. Our PMMI Certified Trainers visit your site and go through informative and customized documentation with your employees, allowing them to fully understand how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your Delkor equipment. Additionally, our trainers will teach your employees to use your Delkor equipment in a hands-on session at your site.

Delkor Equipment Training 20212-1

Boost Equipment Efficiency Through Training

With every Delkor FHOT course, we provide digital and laminated physical copies of machine specific Fundamentals of Maintenance, Operation, and Troubleshooting guides, so that your employees can continue to understand your Delkor equipment even after our trainers leave. Customers with robotic loaders or palletizing systems also receive a customized robotic handbook. The course goes through this documentation and ensures that your employees are as informed as possible. This training will help your employees:

  • Learn navigation tips for the HMI screens. 
  • Improve their understanding of the sequence of operations for your entire line.
  • Learn the recommended machine cleaning procedures, PM schedule, lubrication points, tensioning procedures, and LOTO locations for your machine.
  • Understand changeover procedures.
  • Troubleshoot possible issues and prevent problems from occurring.