With over 1,000 machines installed in dairy packaging applications, Delkor has the experience and expertise to help you establish a state-of-the-art operation.

With equipment lines for packing flexible pouches or rigid containers, Delkor’s range of retail ready packaging solutions meet the latest retailer demands.

Package Designs

Dairy Packaging shelf ready package design Delkor Cabrio Case with Great Value Cheese

The Leading Retail Ready Package Design

Perfect shelf appearance combined with a low-cost case that is easy to open. The Delkor Cabrio Case® is the perfect recipe for retail-ready success. With nearly 500 MILLION cases to be produced this year, this proven dairy package can adapt to a variety of applications.

Shelf Ready Solutions for Rigid Containers

Delkor has a variety of solutions for shipping rigid containers in multiple display trays including the patented Delkor Turbo Case®, which wraps multiple display trays together into a robust single shipper.

Dairy packaging shelf ready package design Delkor Turbo Case with Kroger Greek Yogurt
Dairy packaging Delkor Spot-Pak design that saves on corrugated costs


The patented Delkor Spot-Pak® package is a proven dairy packaging solution with over 700 million packages produced every year. With Spot-Pak packaging, the product is attached to corrugated pads with temporary bond adhesive and then shrink-wrapped in a variety of configurations. Highly adaptable, incredibly economical, Spot-Pak packaging is the perfect solution for dairy packaging applications!

Flexible, Functional Cartons

Whether you are looking for special functionalities such as tear-away, retail-ready cartons or the standard tri-seal carton, we have the expertise.

Dairy packaging tri-seal carton design and other options from Delkor Systems
dairy packaging RSC case


Reliable brown box shippers are also compatible with Delkor’s packaging equipment lines for standard shipping needs of condiment and sauce products. Both reliable and cost effective, you can’t beat a classic case.

Dairy Crates Too!

Delkor offers equipment lines that can be optimized to efficiently pack cups and bottles into traditional dairy crates but also, through a simple changeover process, can be adapted to pack other package styles such as standard brown box shippers.

dairy packaging crates

Packaging Equipment

Dairy food packaging carton and tray erector Trayfecta S Series.


Among our most popular forming machines, the Trayfecta® S Series Case Erector maintains versatility and durability for high volume carton, case and tray forming with three minute changeovers.

Like 3 Erectors In 1

The Trayfecta® G Series Case Erector is like having three machines in one. Capable of producing retail-ready cases including the Delkor Cabrio Case, stackable club trays and standard shippers with just a simple changeover.

Dairy food case and tray erector Trayfecta G Series
Robotic top loader for dairy packaging

Versatile Top Loader for Multiple Package Formats

Delkor’s newly re-engineered LSP Series robotic top loader is our most flexible robotic packer, capable of packing pouches up to 20 lbs into retail ready cases, stackable club store trays and standard shippers.

High Speed CUT OUT Tray Forming

Today you need trays, cartons and cases. Tomorrow you need trays with cup-holding cutouts. The Trayfecta® RS Series perfectly combines both operations in one high-speed machine for custom retail-ready dairy packaging.

Dairy packaging cut out tray erector Trayfecta RS Series
Dairy packaging Capstone F series case sealer

Master of the Flange Style and Retail Ready Case

The economical Capstone F Series Case Sealer is a master of continuous motion flange-style sealing while operating at speeds as high as 60 cases per minute. Options include automated lift and tool-less changeover in less than one minute.

Seal Cartons with Precision

The Capstone S Series servo-driven tri-seal closer uses our patented Intelligent Positioning® technology to measure and align the flaps on every carton even when running up to 175 cartons a minute. High-speeds with superior dairy package quality.

Dairy packaging carton sealer Trayfecta S Series