With packaging machinery lead times becoming such a key factor for so many customers, Delkor’s Core Products program was established to reduce the lead time for Delkor’s most popular packaging machines, which we call “Delkor’s Core Products”.

The Core Products Program consists of a variety of machine types and each model is manufactured in 5 to 10-up quantities ahead of customer orders. As a result, when a customer places an order for one of these machines, only the customer specific parts are required, enabling our lead times to be just 6 – 10 weeks from purchase order to field installation.

Benefits include:

  • Innovative engineering of common (core) machines built on a standard platform, including Allen Bradley Automation Controls
  • Manufacturing machines in 5s format so each machine is built the same, ensuring the highest quality possible
  • Building machines in quantity to capture economies of scale savings which we can pass onto our customers
  • A variety of case styles and loading applications are available, including the ability to run shelf ready packages such as the Delkor Cabrio Case®
  • Core Product machines only need appropriate tooling fitted for any industry including eCommerce, candy, dairy, meat, household products & more

Core Products Portfolio


Core Products Trayfecta G Series
Trayfecta G Series

Gantry Former for Paperboard & Corrugated Cases, Stackable Trays & Retail Ready Packages

Core Products Trayfecta S Series
Trayfecta S Series

High-Speed Cartoning Machine for Paperboard and Corrugated Cases, Cartons & Trays


Core Products Capstone F
F Series Closer

Close Cases & Retail Ready Packages

Core Products Capstone S
S Series Closer

High-Speed & Reliable Carton Closer for Tri-Seal Cartons Paperboard or Corrugated

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