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Advanced Robotic Packaging Systems

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Highly Versatile Robotic Case Packing

Delkor’s LSP Series is Delkor’s most flexible robotic case packer, capable of packing pouches up to 20 lbs into retail-ready cases including the Delkor Cabrio Case®, stackable club store tray and and standard shippers.

High Speed Case Packing for Retail Ready Cases and More

Achieve your need for speed with Delkor’s MSP-m robotic case packer. Pack pouches and bags up to 2lbs at speeds up to 200 products per minute. With a simple changeover process, the MSP-m can accommodate multiple package formats including the retail ready Delkor Cabrio Case® and standard shipping boxes.


Transition between Delkor’s retail ready Cabrio Case®, standard shipping boxes and stackable club store trays  with Delkor’s case former Trayfecta G Series and Capstone F Series case sealer. Run any of these package designs on a Delkor line with just a simple tool-less changeover process.

Precision Sealing for Cases and Cartons

The Delkor Capstone Series carton and case sealer machines provide closing solutions for tri-seal and flange seal cases, cartons, stackable club store trays and retail ready packages. We use self-tensioning belts for greater precision and a longer machine life. Efficient and easy to operate; the overhead structure automatically lifts for clearing occasional debris. Its compact body style fits well in tight spaces. An optional washdown feature designed to handle food and beverage processing is available.

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