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Delkor Confirm Vision Inspection System Brochure

Delkor Vision Inspection Station

Delkor Confirm™ Vision Inspection System

The patented Delkor Vision Inspection System verifies closure integrity while detecting tipped, double-stacked or wrong-size containers on products before they are conveyed into the infeed lanes of a Delkor Spot-Pak loading machine, thereby eliminating one of the major potential causes of system downtime.

  1. High Speed Detection: Detects flaws in foil lids or overcap sealed containers and removes them from the production line

  2. Soft Reject Mechanism: Nondestructive, soft reject mechanism facilitates manual inspection

  3. Stores Parameters: Stores customer defined quality parameters for up to 999 container types

  4. Robust Construction: Standard stainless steel welded tubular frame with NEMA 4X electrical enclosure

    Speed Capability (Application Dependent)
  1. Up to 600 units per minute
    Machine Capacity
  1. Tapered cup, tub, or bottle sizes up to 6" diameter x 11"H
  1. 2” x 2” stainless steel frame
  2. Stainless steel ambient light shroud
  3. Stainless steel conduit
  4. NEMA 4X electrical enclosure
  1. Stores and recalls quality standard settings for up to 999 containers
  2. Tunable reject set points to ensure only non-compliant projects are rejected
  3. Customer-controlled password access
  4. Cognex Vision Inspection Software
    Controls & Electronics
  1. 1 or 2 Cognex Insight 1501 cameras
  2. Side-mount or slant-mount backlighting as required by application
  3. Ethernet connectivity
  4. Flash memory backup
  1. Electrical Service
    240 VAC
    50-60- Hz
    10 amps
  2. Compressed Air
    15 SCFM @ 80psi
  1. Lockout/Tagout ready air and electrical disconnect
  2. Filtered air supply with shut-off valve and dump valve
  3. One emergency stop button
    Training Support
  1. Machine Orientation provides a smooth hand-off to operators
  2. Delkor 1080° Training Program provides more formal instruction for machine operation and machine maintenance