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Retail Ready Tray Packing Machines

Designed for flexibility and precision, Delkor tray packing machines feature robust, multi-axis, servo-controlled gantry-style pick-and-place top loaders to achieve perfect placement of primary packages into a broad range of secondary packaging types. Split-head and multi-loading options boost throughput. Changeovers can be accomplished in minutes.

  • TL-500 Tray Loader
TL500 Loader

The TL-500 easily loads both 3-sided & 4-sided trays in a single, or multi-loading configuration for higher speed systems.

  • Load 3 and 4-sided trays
  • Multi-load configuration available for high-speed tray loading
  • Converts easily for Spot Pak® shippers

  • ST-500 Combination Spot Pak & Tray Loader
ST500 Loader

The ability of the ST-500 to properly load Spot-Pak Pads & Trays makes this Delkor's most versatile loader offering.

  • Loads 3 and 4-sided trays
  • Loads Spot-Pak pads
  • Multi-load configuration available for high-speeds

  • The New Delkor Retail Ready Tray Former
CL500 Loader

The new Delkor Retail Ready Tray Former erects specialized retail ready trays that are designed for speed to shelf. These trays are formed from a tray blank maximizing profitability and minimizing costs. The Retail Ready Tray Former is a compact, high speed, washdown capable machine.

  • Combines multiple functions within one compact footprint
  • Integrates easily with downstream loader for maximum versatility