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Top Load Case Packing Machines

Designed for flexibility and precision, Delkor's lineup of top load case packing equipment features robust, multi-axis, servo-controlled gantry-style pick and place top loaders to achieve perfect placement of primary packages into a broad range of secondary packaging types. Split-head and multi-loading options boost throughput. Changeovers can be accomplished in minutes.

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CL 500 Case Loader

The Delkor CLS carton loading system utilizes modules that are tailored for each and every application. A thorough analysis of the application leads us to the most efficient, effective way to handle the product. This may be our traditional proven two-axis gantry style robots, multi-axis articulated arm robots, or standard "hard automation" to efficiently load the cartons. At speeds up to 500 pieces per minute, the Delkor CLS uses a variety of end-of-arm tools to effectively and efficiently move the product at high speeds. Backed by the dependable Rockwell controls platform, the Delkor CLS is a proven leader in carton loading systems.

Carton Loader