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Top Load Case Packing Machines

Designed for flexibility and precision, Delkor's lineup of top load case packing equipment features robust, multi-axis, servo-controlled gantry-style pick and place top loaders to achieve perfect placement of primary packages into a broad range of secondary packaging types. Split-head and multi-loading options boost throughput. Changeovers can be accomplished in minutes.

  • CL-500 Case Packer
CL 500 Case Loader

The CL-500 adds case capability to the TL-500 loader with the addition of positive case flap control and the available integrated case closing module.

  • Loads 3 and 4-sided trays
  • Loads cases
  • Multi-load configuration available for high-speeds
  • Integrated case closing module available

  • Delkor Capstone Flange Style Case Closer

FL 500 Flex LoaderDelkor's new Capstone Flange Style Case Closer offers an optimal balance of speed, economy, and flexibility in one compact footprint. Measuring just 108 inches in length and 42 inches in width, the Case Closer is small enough to be easily incorporated into most packaging lines. Its completely adjustable machine setup supports product changeovers in as little as five minutes. Operating speeds of up to 60 cases per minute allows the Case Closer to keep pace with high-speed fillers and case packers, helping manufacturers avoid costly bottlenecks in the production line.

  • FL-500 Flex Loader

FL 500 Flex LoaderThe Flex-Loader is a compact and effective solution for most tray and case loading applications at up to 25 layers per minute.

  • Load 3 and 4-sided trays
  • Load cases
  • Single-load configuration