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Delkor's Spot-Pak® Package Receives Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award
PAC Sustainable Packaging Award

Delkor has received a Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award presented by the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC). Winners were announced on Earth Day, April 22nd at the Toronto Congress Centre in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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Environmental Impact Video Presentation Sustainable packaging video

Dale Andersen presents the Spot-Pak® sustainability study findings in a welcome message to the Pack Expo visitors.

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Cradle to Grave Environmental Impact Study

Corrugate case versus Spot-Pak package studyVastly reducing the amount of corrugated material used, Delkor created a cost-saving alternative to RSC corrugated cases and anticipated today’s movement toward sustainable packaging.

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Superior Sustainability of Spot-Pak® Packages

Corrugate case versus Spot-Pak package studyAnyone committed to environmental “sustainability” strives to meet the needs of the present generation without diminishing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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Spot-Pak® Packaging System

The lowest cost secondary package in the industry

Spot-Pak package

The Spot-Pak® Packaging System effectively expands the use of pad and shrink packaging to a large number of products that traditionally would be limited to shipment in corrugated trays or boxes. A key factor in flat pad packaging is how to control the stability of the product during the packaging process.

Delkor invented the technology of using a light application of temporary bonding adhesive to stabilize the product and maintain package integrity. Today the use of the Spot-Pak® package has expanded to nearly 200 packaging lines throughout North America - providing our customers an average savings in corrugated usage of 40% to 60% over traditional corrugated shippers.

In addition to the dramatic reduction in packaging material usage, the Spot-Pak® package is also a smaller footprint than a tray or box for shipping the equivalent amount of product. As a result, a Spot-Pak® package generally yields an increase in pallet density of 5% to 20%, depending on the product size and pack pattern.

With the focus now on how to ship product to market in a more efficient and sustainable method, it is not surprising that Delkor was a recent recipient of the Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award presented b the Packaging Association of Canada as a result of the benefits provided by the Spot-Pak® Packaging System.

Delkor's Spot-Pak® package is patented in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other international countries.

Sustatinable Case Packing

The Spot-Pak® package was originally developed by Delkor to optimize secondary packaging for tapered containers typically used in the dairy industry for yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream. Today, more than 50% of the entire North American production of cultured dairy products goes to market in a Spot-Pak® package.

Spot-Pak tubs

Snack Dip

Spot-Pak yogurt


Spot-Pak cottage Cheese cubs

Cottage Cheese

Experience has also shown that the Spot-Pak® system can be adapted for a wide variety of rigid containers – metal cans, blow-molded bottles, tapered cups, glass or plastic jars, paperboard cartons and canisters – making it suitable across a broad range of industries. New applications are emerging on a continuous basis.

Spot-Pak canisters


Spot-Pak bottles


Spot-Pak cartons

Paperboard Cartons

Spot-Pak personal care

Personal Care

RSC to Spot-Pak corrugate used comparison



Cost Efficient Materials

Flat pads and low cost film reduce dependency on expensive, bulky corrugated cartons. On average, the Spot-Pak® packaging system uses 40% to 60% less corrugate material than traditional cartons.

Increased pallet density




Increased Pallet Density

More compact than boxes or trays, the Spot-Pak® packaging system yields 5% to 20% more product per pallet to save on transportation costs.



Smart Balance Buttery Spread PackageLife Cycle Analysis (LCA) for the Delkor Spot-Pak® Package

Smart Balance Buttery Spread in 15oz. Tapered Cups

A comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) evaluation by an independent packaging engineering firm has defined and measured the sustainability advantages of the Spot-Pak® system vs. traditional RSC corrugate carton packing when used for the same product in equal annual volumes.

Reduced secondary waste chart
Reduced process energy cost chart
The Spot-Pak® package program generates 975 Tons less potential material waste per year than would an equal number of comparable RSC corrugate cases or cartons
The Spot-Pak® system consumes 24,570,000 MJ less energy for one year’s production.
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions chart
Reduced transportation cost chart
The Spot-Pak® system reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 723 tons per year vs. an equal number of comparable RSC corrugate cases or cartons
The Spot Pak® program reduces truckload shipments to retail distribution by 5% annually.