Spot-Pak®: pad/shrink film packaging

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Delkor Spot-Pak I and P series

Delkor is the inventor of the patented Spot-Pak packaging system. This system attaches product to corrugate pads with temporary glue and then shrink wraps the package. This packaging style is a sturdy and sustainable replacement for RSC cases. The Spot-Pak Package is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions in the market today; it saves our customers 50-80% in material costs when compared to typical corrugated board cases.

The Delkor Flex Loader® I and P Series

The Delkor Flex Loader® D Series

The Delkor Robotic Loader C Series

  1. Flexibility: Ability to handle many styles of primary containers including cups, tubs, bottles, cartons, and sleeved product

  2. Speed: Operates at production speeds of up to 40 packages per minute (application dependent)

  3. Changeovers: Tool-less changeovers can be completed in a matter of minutes for a variety of pack patterns and primary container types; 5 minutes or less for height changes and 10 minutes or less for diameter/product changes

  4. Infeeds: Wide range of infeed laning devices including dual-axis servo laners for high speed applications

  5. Proven track record: Delkor is the established leader in flat-pad loading; Delkor has nearly 200 Spot-Pak systems in operation throughout North America; Delkor was a recent recipient of the Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award presented by the Packaging Association of Canada as a result of the benefits provided by the Spot-Pak Packaging System; Delkor’s Spot-Pak package is patented in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other international countries

  6. Sanitary design: Hygienic construction utilizes 304-grade stainless steel and FDA compliant plastics; NEMA 4 main electrical enclosure
Spot-Pak infeed
Loader infeed section collates product containers into a desired pack pattern.
Spot-Pak pad placement Pad placement
Reciprocating pick arm places flat pads onto the indexing conveyor.
Spot-Pak adhesive application Adhesive application
Hot melt glue system stitches Spot-Pak adhesive onto pads in conformity with the product pack pattern.
Spot-Pak product transfer Product transfer
Two-axis gantry pick-and-place servo loader lifts a complete product pack pattern of accumulated product and then lowers it onto the flat pad.
Optional Spot-Pak top pad placement Top pad placement
For added strength and rigidity, a top pad can be placed over the product containers. (optional feature)
Optional Spot-Pak stacking Layer stacking
Stacking one product layer on another achieves handling efficiencies. (optional feature)
Spot-Pak shrink bundling Shrink wrapping
The unitized bundled is shrink wrapped, and ready for palletizing.
    Available configurations
  1. 500 series
  2. 650 series
  3. 1000 series
    Speed capability (application dependent)
  1. 500 series up to 40 units per minute
  2. 650 series up to 40 units per minute
  3. 1000 series up to 40 units per minute
    Machine capacity
  1. 500 series pad sizes up to 14" W x 21" L x 12"H
  2. 650 series pad sizes up to 16" W x 12.75" L x 12"H
  3. 1000 series pad sizes up to 16" W by 17" L x 12"H
  1. 2” x 4” welded tubular stainless steel construction
  2. NEMA 4 electrical enclosure
  3. Heavy-duty gearboxes and drives
  4. FDA-compliant plastic componentry
    Nordson ProBlue 10 Adhesive Melter
  1. Production monitoring and reporting through color touchscreen HMI
  2. Recipe management system for package setup parameters
    Controls & electronics
  1. Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  2. Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 color touchscreen HMI
  3. Allen Bradley Powerflex 4 VFDs
  4. Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo drives
  5. Ethernet connectivity
  6. 20% minimum spare I/O for system integration
  7. Adhesive level sensor
  8. Three-color machine status light tower
  1. Electrical service
    480 VAC
    50-60 Hz
    35 amps
  2. Compressed air
    15 SCFM @ 80psi
  1. Interlocked safety guarding
  2. Non-contact RF switches with safety monitor relay
  3. Low-voltage control circuitry with touch-safe terminal blocks
  4. Low/high-voltage panel segregation
  5. Lockout/tagout ready air and electrical disconnect
  6. Filtered air supply with shut-off valve and dump valve
  7. Three emergency stop buttons
    Training support
  1. Machine orientation provides a smooth hand-off to operators
  2. Delkor 1080° training program provides more formal instruction for machine operation and machine maintenance
    Optional equipment
  1. Wire-mesh doors
  2. Mechanical pickup heads
  3. 240/415 VAC electrical service
  4. Multilingual prompts
  5. Elevation kit
  6. Spare parts kit
  7. Stainless steel conduit
  8. IP67 food grade servomotors, gearboxes, and pneumatics
  9. Swivel-mount HMI for easy viewing and operation from either side of the machine

The Spot-Pak package was originally developed by Delkor to optimize secondary packaging for tapered containers typically used for yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream. Today, more than 50% of the entire North American production of cultured dairy products goes to market in a Spot-Pak package.

Spot-Pak tubs

Snack Dip

Spot-Pak yogurt cups


Spot-Pak cottage cheese tubs

Cottage Cheese

Experience has also shown that the Spot-Pak system can be adapted for a wide variety of rigid containers – metal cans, blow-molded bottles, tapered cups, glass or plastic jars, paperboard cartons and canisters – making it suitable for a broad range of applications, with new applications emerging on a continuous basis.

Spot-Pak canisters


Spot-Pak bottles


Spot-Pak cartons

Paperboard Cartons

Spot-Pak personal care

Personal Care